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  • Whitewater rafting in Colorado.
  • A few people climbing a cliff with ropes.
  • Several Boy Scouts in a cave.
  • Two boys in a canoe on a river.
  • Three boys on horses.
  • Several awards on display.
  • A boy on a rope bridge.


Welcome to the Boy Scouts of America Troop 1493 home page. BSA Troop 1493 is part of the Orion District which serves the Tomball and Magnolia Independent School Districts and is part of the Sam Houston Area Council. Please feel free to browse this site as it contains a wealth of information not only about our boy scout troop but Boy Scouts in general and helpful links to other sites.

The adult leadership in BSA Troop 1493 firmly believes in boy leadership of the scout troop. The adults are committed to the three duties of the Scout Oath: duty to God, country, and self, and strive to impress upon each boy scout the importance of these duties. The leadership believes the main purpose of scouting is to teach the scouts the importance of self-reliance, citizenship and personal responsibility.

Our boy scout troop is a fast growing scout troop, pulling boys from many different Cub Scout packs and current boy scouts transferring from other scout troops. BSA Troop 1493 is a very active scout troop. The scout troop volunteers many man hours to our charter organization; Tomball United Methodist Church. as well as various other projects such as maintenance of the Lone Star Hiking Trail. (Lone Star Hiking Trail Club).

For instructions on how to use the orienteering course at Burroughs Park click here

For the PDF of this map and compas course list click here