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  • Whitewater rafting in Colorado.
  • A few people climbing a cliff with ropes at Camp Alexander in colorado
  • Several Boy Scouts in a cave at Sonora Caverns.
  • Two boys in a canoe on the Trinity river near Houston Texas.
  • Three boys on horses.
  • Several awards on display.
  • A boy on a rope bridge.

What We Did In August 2014

Our August campout was at a lake in the Sam Houston National Forest. It’s a really remote place and very primitive; Perfect for the Boy Scouts. This was supposed to be a backpacking campout. The plan was to camp overnight at a hunter’s camp located at the trailhead and then wake up early in the morning (before it got too hot) and hike in; however when we arrived Friday night, we found that a rather large fraternity party was camping there. Sudden changes of plans are sometimes a part of scouting. We quickly canceled the backpacking part of the campout and drove to the lake that night. In the morning we cooled off in the lake and then did some service projects. The drive in the night before had revealed several potholes which the recent rain had created; I bottomed out my Jeep on one of them. That morning the older boys filled in the potholes and the younger ones cleaned up trash at the campground. We played in the lake the rest of the day. I tell ya, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. It was a really fun campout despite the sudden change of plans: lots of laughs, without video games, internet, TVs, or telephones.

canoe flipping at Grand Lake Camp Strake Boy Scout Ranch

The following weekend the troop participated in Orion District’s Canoe Wars at Camp Strake. The day started off with a cool breeze blowing off the lake. By afternoon the breeze had all but stopped and a heat that even cooled watermelon couldn’t relieve, settled in. Despite the heat the boys did well in all events. They sharpened their skills in steering, paddling, and rescuing a swamped canoe. It was fun and educational.

Saturday the 23rd we had a charity car wash to raise money for an Eagle Scout Project. We would like to extend a big thank you to all who participated and all who came by to get their car washed. It was very successful; enough money was raised to cover most of the cost of the Eagle Scout project.