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What We Did In October 2014

Earlier in the month Troop 1493 participated in an event called Webelos woods. It’s a weekend long camping event where Boy Scout troops do activities for older Cub Scouts to participate in. In Cub Scouts, Webelos are the final two ranks. Troop 1493 did Fire building as their activity. The goal was to build a fire in an aluminum roasting pan that was hot enough to burn a string. This is more difficult than it sounds. It’s hard to get an appreciation for this until you actually do this for yourself. Fire building is one of the most basic outdoor survival skills so learning how to do this is a must for anyone who wants to spend time in the great outdoors.

Mid-month we had a fundraising garage sale for the troop. We weren’t able to raise much money as was hoped, but we were able to raise enough money to buy new cookware for the chuck boxes.

The real fun happened the following week when the troop participated in the haunted barn/canned food drive. For many years the McKeevers of Mckeever Plumbing (a local commercial plumbing company) have put on this event. The admission fee to the haunted barn is a bag of canned food, which gets donated to a local food pantry. The troop decorates and works in the barn to scare visitors. It’s a lot of work that requires many hours of volunteering but it’s one of the most fun events of the year, and it’s for a good cause! This year we managed to collect 250 pounds of food. Thank you to all who participated!

People in costume in front of a haunted house